Sonically, it is a dark, thought-provoking sound with triumphant bass lines, haunting melodies/chord progressions and intimate drums that speak to a certain audience from his very essence. Essentially, Veytik grew into the music he creates, it comes from a real source that is what shaped him into what he is from life’s experiences.

His pain is a double-edged sword that he wields to create from a traumatic & abusive military history. Seeking only peace, love and music that moves souls.

The mask is spawned originally from a favorite musical of his, the Phantom of the Opera. Not the same one but similar. Similar he can relate to the character that was the phantom himself. And in his own concept, the mask is something that we all hide behind. But to show people that “mask” is the goal.

The mask that protects us from the ‘social contract’ of society saying what is & is not acceptable. People like Veytik are deemed different. We live in a society where medication, therapy & mental/physical disorders are “different”. I wear this to represent this and to stand for anyone who has any condition that they may or may not be ashamed of that inhibits them to grow.

And through the music & image, helping destroy these barriers by making them a topic in music besides just love songs.

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