Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall (Pandhora Tribute)

“Pink Floyd has played a huge role in both our lives. It’s been opening our eyes to some of the absurdities of modern society, but also helped overcome the resignation that comes with it. Pink Floyd also helped go through difficult times and all albums had a different impact: Wether it was ‘The Wall’, ‘Animals’, or ‘The Piper at The Gates of Dawn’… We felt the necessity to give something back and do it right, taking our time and showing respect to such masterpieces.

This tribute project started in 2014 when Mynox was producing on his own in Montreal. 2 minutes were arranged but the project got dropped for 3 years. In 2017, while sorting old Ableton files and samples, we decided to take this one project, dust it off and finalize it in our own esthetics.

Working on Pink Floyd material is both easy and extremely challenging. Easy because the musicality and quality of the samples is remarkable and difficult because one wants to stay true to the original and show some respect to this unique band that has been influencing the world for decades.

The song has two parts that try to achieve different things. The first one is close to the original, following vocals and the arrangement that is to be found on The Wall (Part II of the original).

A bridge helps transition into a more chaotic, psychedelic second part in which we took some freedom and created a deeper atmosphere. The goal was to build everything from scratch while keeping a reference to the original with the processed hypnotic vocals. This part originally featured an original guitar solo (actually two…) but we decided to take them off and keep the solos for the live renditions. We hope you enjoy and thank you for your long time support!

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