Dizharmonia – Alexandria (Veytik Remix)

Greek duo dizharmonia mystically dip their paintbrush into sounds of a faraway time and space, rooting them into a dark and ethereal present. With this EP, they travel towards deep realms of the ancient world, carrying listeners along a misty progressive trip. Rather than the destination, it is the atmospheric movement of the journey which creates meaning and leaves our minds full of dreams. Telos takes flight on cascading synths that seductively curl like the rolling hills of glistening Mediterranean islands.

Fos is an evocative march forward to the tune of sharp percussions and acid rhythms. Alexandria concludes the trip with a dark and glitchy groove, gliding off in the distance guided by the ancient Alexandrian lighthouse. Fellow dreamers encountered along the road’s twists and turns enhance it with more magic; French artists @pandhora pick up the tempo with their trademark soulful psychedelia, while deep tech maestro Veytik carves a haunting space for vocals. Modern and evocative, we are delighted to share this expedition with you.

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