Arjuna Schiks & Sander – Imoan

With his sincere charm and melodic tunes Arjuna brings a smile to the Dutch melodic house and techno scene. Like no other he knows how to stow a particular feel out of the speakers, seeping in your ears and unleashing emotions with his own distinctive melodic and energetic style. His productions move on the borders of deep house and tech-house, saturated with intense synths and melancholic storytelling melodies. Dark electronic elements get alternated with warm, dreamy sentiments, inciting people to both listen with their eyes closed and dance euphorically Sander’s music is highlighted by his use of melancholic, and sad atmospheres, expressed by pads and orchestral violins aiming to touch people deeply and even bring them to tears. There is so much soul in his sound which moves the heart, mind and soul. He loves Dark bass frequencies expressing rage and hopelessness but he always find a way to elevate the mood and deliver the good vibes.

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